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The meal i ordered

The Mama Rocks Gourmet food review is finally here. I’m so excited!

So now we all know why we are here. The majority of us are food enthusiasts, cooks, food analysts and some of us just love trying out several restaurants. I fit perfectly in the last category. Trying out different foods in various delis just excites my taste buds, I’m almost confident you can relate. Long story short, a friend invited me out to lunch and MAMA ROCKS GOURMET was at the top of our list. We drove to the branch in kilimani and all I can say is the ambiance is cheering, soothing, and friendly. Right from the jazzy vicinity right down to customer service.

Well for me it was the “SWEET MOTHER” that caught my attention.
Description :Beef Patty, with bacon, creamy sweet
potato sauce, Only The Brave Hot Sauce,
pan-fried rocket, cheddar cheese

Sweet mother

N/B: Each regular size burger comes with a side of seasoned potato fries and a sauce of your choice. Want sweet potato fries or plantain instead?

Meal presentation

The food didn’t take long to arrive and the presentation was impressive and I have to say, I love my fries crunchy and theirs were up to standard.
I took my first bite of the burger and I just have to quote them “Created with love and the freshest, natural ingredients, every care has been taken to produce our range of exciting and unique burgers.”  Their burgers are pretty unique. Not your ordinary taste but yet something your tongue has always been craving for it’s almost familiar.

Monkey business milkshake

I also ordered the” MONKEY BUSINESS” milkshake. I am a huge aesthete of everything vanilla. Vanilla ice cream, milkshake, cookies, you name it. So this milkshake comes in either chocolate or vanilla. I chose the latter and I bet my money this is amongst the most amazing shakes you’ve ever tasted. Smooth and crunchy at the same time.

The questions on everyone’s mind… Is it filling?
Yes, I would totally re-order this next time which is soonest! But I’m definitely gonna try more. All in all, if you are looking for a chilled place to hang out eat, and just vibe, MAMA ROCKS is definitely a go-to restaurant . They have a bar area too. Didn’t get the chance to try that out, lol! Although I had an amazing time there, even the music is a vibe!

Now that the weekends almost here, I suggest you grab yourself a burger or better yet, just grab your car keys and drive down to Mama Rocks. It’s worth the trip.

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed this. Feel free to share and spread the love. ❤️

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