Who did them?


The excitement I have for this is beyond words. Gosh! I have been meaning to do these particular nails from last year! And finally, finally, I was able to save up and get them done. I didn’t just want my nails done, it had to be a particular nail tech I had been eyeing for weeks. She had to do them cause her work is unique. Her nails don’t break, they don’t bend and they don’t come off. Yes, they are that strong.

Her Instagram handle is @coco_nails_nairobi and her other account is @coco_nails_ke. All her charges and policies are on her story highlights so that when you are booking an appointment you just contact her with accurate details.

I also found out that she does nail shoots whereby when you have a photoshoot she will prepare a set of stick-on nails prior to the day of the shoot and when the day comes you’ll have a set of nails waiting for you. Amazing, I know. And guys, her equipment is top-notch. I’d bet all my money on her work.

My bestfriend taking a pic of my nails

So far it has been 2 weeks and guys, these nails are legit! You literally feel like they are your own nails. Anyway, this was among the peaks of my week.

Pssst! Check out my Instagram post by the pool


Woosh! It has been one HOT week. Anyone in Nairobi can attest to that. As usual, I love trying out new hotels, restaurants, and the likes. This time I went to this place called Roswell Oasis it’s in Kitengela.

The place is lovely. That I must say. The ambiance is just calming. The grass is surprisingly so soft under your feet. The pool is big enough, however, when I came out of the pool, my ears were in extreme pain. I have no idea why. Any clue?

Let’s get to the food part. We ordered a kilo of fried meat and ugali. Let’s just say, I think next time we’ll have 2 kilos, please. The meat was just fried to perfection, the spices, the onions, and tomatoes just melted In my mouth like butter. Not forgetting how tender it was.

So if you are looking for a pretty chill place to go to one of these hot weekends, I recommend this place.

Swimming is only Ksh 250 per person and the kilo of meat was ksh 800 excluding the Ugali. They don’t have a website but they do have a Facebook page, in case you need more info. This is the link to their page.

That was basically how I spent my weekend. Saturday through Sunday I was indoors. How about you, got any plans for this weekend?


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