I never really thought I would spend this much time indoors, now with COVID that has the majority working from home. I, being one of them. I think it’s safe to say, I spend 23/24 hours indoors. “That’s no healthy”, yeah, I know. That’s why I decided to come up with a workout plan. Not too heavy, just something for starters. I’ll do this for two weeks then advance to something heavier. If it’s something you’d like to try as well, you’re are more than welcome to join me.

Everyone has their own times when they are most energized. For me Its evenings, however, I have chosen to do this particular workout plan in the morning, the reason being: I need to tire myself out for me to get any sleep at night. Is this what insomnia feels like? (crying emoji) I have simplified the workout using a table and there’s a downloadable poster as well.

30 secondPushup
1 minuteJumping Jacks
1 minutePlanks
1 minuteJumping Jacks
30 secondPushup
1 minuteAlternating lunges

Fill details below to get your free downloadable PDF version with time durations included.


Each workout should be repeated 4 times for a 20-minute workout, alternating every 30 seconds. If you decide to hop on to this challenge with me, be sure to tag me on your stories and posts on Instagram @_swahili.spice_ After this workout, you might want to check out a DIY Aloe Vera Facemask here, that will suit your skin type. If you’d like to purchase Aloe Vera leaves as a facemask ingredient, you can visit Our Store here

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